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Smith Habilitation Services LLC
(Quality Community Outings LLC)

Smith Habilitation Services provide Specialized Habilitation, Staff and Family Consultation, and Stabilization to people with developmental disabilities and other disorders.  We are contracted with DDA of Washington State.  We service clients in Pierce County, Thurston County, and Kitsap County in Washington State. 

We strive to provide services that adapt to the uniqueness of every individual. 



 Our programs assist clients with

learning important life skills such as

self-advocating, safety-awareness, non-verbal and verbal communication, and how to reside successfully in the home and out in the community. We strive to provide services that adapt to the uniqueness of every individual.


Specialized Habilitation Services: Provide one-on-one community-based support with the intent of helping the customer reach their habilitative goals.

Staff and Family Consultation

Staff and Family Services provides consultation with a family member

or a direct service provider to help better serve the client.


 Provides Specialized Habilitation and Staff and Family services to clients who are on the verge of being institutionalized and being expelled from their home due to behaviors. 


 Smith Habilitation Services provides Specialized Habilitation Services, Staff and Family Consultation, and Stabilization Services for adults with developmental disabilities.


We are contracted with the DDA of Washington State. We are licensed and bonded with Washington State. 

Smith Habilitation Services was founded in 2019 by Andrea Smith. Andrea has over 15 years of experience working with people who have developmental disabilities. She dedicated the the success of her clients.


Contact: Andrea Smith


Business hours: Monday -Friday 9:30am-4pm.

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