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Specialized Habilitation:

(Smith Habilitation Services is now accepting new customers)


Smith Habilitation Services provide one-on-one community-based and individualized support with the intent of helping the customer reach their set goals. The program  focuses on teaching a range of life skills which enhance their ability to achieve maximum self-efficacy and empowerment. 

Specialized Habilitation gives the individual the opportunity to make choices about their own lives. Often there are barriers that limits or restricts the person’s ability to make choices. Specialized Habilitation helps break those barriers that limits a person’s ability to decide what they want in their lives.


Supports provided to customers fall under the following five Specialized Habilitation categories:


  1. Self-Empowerment - To take control of one's own life by setting goals and making positive choices to promote self-determination. Customers develop positive internal dialogue, build self-esteem, reflect on personal values, and be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Safety-Awareness and Self-Advocacy- The ability to recognize hazards and make safe informed choices. Customers learn safety awareness skills. With safety awareness skills, the customer will be able to identify and report possible neglect, exploitation, and/or abuse.  We focus on one's ability to self-advocate and learning to say no.

  3. Interpersonal Effectiveness and Effective Social Communication- The development of social and emotional learning which leads to positive relationships and self-respect.

  4. Coping Strategies Regarding Everyday Life Challenges- To develop problem solving skills and stress reduction strategies to address stressful situations. 

  5. Managing Daily Tasks and Acquiring Adaptive Skills- To develop necessary skills to thrive in the home and in the community. Skills may include money management and basic understanding, ordering food, and the general understanding of why we do tasks. 

Smith Habilitation Services will create a plan of action which defines our customer's goals, states it in measurable terms, tracks progress, and includes a progress and service report.



 Staff and Family Consultation 

 Staff and Family Services provides consultation with a family member or a direct service provider to help better serve the client.


Consultation support may include:

  • Helping the family or direct service provider properly document medication side effects, changes in health, and behaviors which need to be reported to a prescribing physician.

  • Augmentative communication systems. We will help the direct service provider or family member better assist the client with communication by the use of assistive technology and/or PECS.

  • How to identify resources for the client such as mental health.

  • Helping the family or direct service provider follow a nutritional plan developed by a nutritionist or dietitian.

  • Information on disabilities and educating the family member or direct service provider on the client’s disability.

  • Consultation regarding an existing plan of care.

  • Strategies on how to effectively interact with the client. This may include how to consistently use effective communication and de-escalation strategies.

  • Environmental consultation. Helping the family or direct service provider create sensory friendly areas, and environmental modifications to the home.



 Provides Specialized Habilitation and Staff and Family services to clients who are on the verge of being institutionalized and being expelled from their home due to behaviors. 

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